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Choosing a portable oxygen concentrator(POC)

We help you make the right choice

Portable Oxygen ConcentratorsThere are no two Personal Oxygen Concentrators alike. This also applies to patients requiring the use of such devices. Our goal is to match you, the patient, with the right solution. Following the steps below will ensure that we can help you choose the device that best meets your travel needs.

1. Fill in our questionnaire

2. Consult with a Respiratory Therapist

3. Choose your oxygen solution

4. Receive Training

Making the right decision when renting or purchasing a Personal Oxygen concentrator is of course the desired goal, both health and dollar wise. There’s nothing worse than buying a machine and finding in a month that it cannot meet your needs or expectations.

Following completion of our questionnaire, either on-line or by consulting with us, each of our traveling customers will consult with a Licensed Respiratory Therapist to ensure that the most appropriate oxygen delivery system is utilized. During our consultation we assure that each customer has all of the required equipment and training in use of the equipment. Our goal to ensure that the travel experience is as error and trouble free as possible.

All Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POC’s) are not alike, each brand device delivering oxygen in a slightly different manner due to its engineering design. The size of bolus of oxygen delivered on each breath, the amount of oxygen each machine can produce in a minute at maximum, as well as flow, trigger sensitivity and other characteristics differ between manufacturers and models.

The maximum oxygen production capability is a very important feature when the patient needs an assured large bolus of oxygen at each breath to maintain appropriate oxygen levels. Most devices are designed to work at a maximum of 20 breaths per minute. From this basis, the oxygen produced is then divided by the number of your breaths and the oxygen bolus delivered must be met by this produced oxygen, or the net amount delivered is diminished. This is what occurs when the respiratory rate exceeds 20 breaths per minute. So a device that works at rest may not in some instances produce sufficient oxygen for a patient in exercise conditions or a high base line respiratory rate, like when a walking a distance for example.

The result is that not all devices will meet the needs of all oxygen patients. If you have higher oxygen demands or require continuous flows this further directs our selection to higher capacity devices or devices that can provide continuous flow. If at all possible we try and titrate all of our patients, which means we like to have them try the device they will be renting or buying with an Oximeter to measure oxygen saturation on, to make sure that this is the correct device to meet their needs and maintains their oxygen saturations to the required amount prior to sale.

We offer Nocturnal (Night time sleep hours) Pulse Oximetry testing services to verify the appropriate use of "pulse dose" oxygen delivery device at night. We also offer verification of oxygen saturations at rest and exercise with an order from your physician.

The noted assessment testing and evaluations if required are provided for at no additional rental fee.

*Units rented out of state or one way are subject to fees and shipping costs.