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About The PortableFlightOxygen.com Team

PortableFlightOxygen.com is an outgrowth service business from our "Home Medical Equipment company" RxO2 Oxygen & Medical Equipment Supply Co. Inc. Located in Tucson, Arizona, we have been providing cutting edge home oxygen, respiratory care services and equipment to the Southern Arizona area since early 1991.

Always innovative, providing the best of the equipment available on the market to our home oxygen customers. The key to provision of the most appropriate device to meet the specific needs of the patient.  Our service excellence and experience is matching the right equipment to meet the patients specific needs.

Portableflightoxygen.com Respiratory Care Personel offer the exacting experience and knowledge to match specific needs and meet your expectations.  NOW PROVIDING CPAP / BIPAP EQUIPMENT


Bill Baker - Registered RespiratoryTherapist. - President

Bill Baker R.R.T.  Registered Respiratory Therapist, since graduation May of 1978 - working the early years in hospitals ;  ICU - ER - Cardiac units ; Pulmonary Units provided Bill the opportunity to attain an extensive knowledge and expertise in the provision of respiratory care medicine with a variety of critically ill as well as chronically ill Respiratory patient types, working effectively with their pulmonary medical team in treatment of their specific disease. This experience transferred over to the homecare side of medical / equipment interface in 1991 when Bill started his first Oxygen Supply Co.  Using the acquired skills he has now expanded this medical expertise and excellence with service ethic to the respiratory care patients requiring Home Oxygen - and - Sleep Medicine equipment.

"Being able to make a positive difference in someone’s life - It’s a nice way to make a living".

Please allow me to assist you in selecting the most appropriate device to meet your specific needs.

PS - I wrote this some years back - interesting to me in retrospect. I'm 70 this year - I still like what I do - enjoy solving these types Respiratory Care service issues after 44 years - many blessed years indeed!


Jollene Neauman - Registered  Respiratory Therapist

Jollene joined our RxO2 team in 2020 - She's become a key member of our service team with a willing soul, bright mind, a will to learn with which she has developed excellent Respiratory Care skills at the bedside - delivering what is needed - when it's needed - she is a real asset to our team and to the community.